Saturday, July 10, 2010

My First CD Compilation!

Two weeks ago, I received the following email:

Hello there!

In conjunction with the Cleveland Scene, LimeWire Store is putting together a sampler of Cleveland-area artists to be available as a free download on our site. Jeff Niesel, Music Editor at Cleveland Scene, has chosen a list of up and coming Cleveland artists, and Maura Rogers made the list!

The FREE sampler will be titled EAR TO THE GROUND: CLEVELAND, and will be release exclusively at LimeWire Store on July 9th. Each month we spotlight a new city, and in celebration of Betty White [!] and her new TV Land sitcom, Hot in Cleveland, Cleveland is our July installment. To get a better sense of what this all means, check out ETTG: NEW ORLEANS here.

The details:

This FREE sampler will be promoted on the LimeWire Store homepage, our LimeWire Music Blog and sent out in our newsletter in mid-July (225K+ people). A banner ad will be placed on the Cleveland Scene’s website, as well as a print ad in an edition around the release date of the sampler. TV Land will also be supporting the sampler by linking to it from their website.

The LimeWire impressions alone will likely reach tens of thousands a day, so the exposure is pretty amazing. Past ETTG cities have been NYC, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Beijing, Boston, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Berlin, LA, Athens, Detroit, Nashville, Portland, OR, Tokyo, New Orleans, Memphis and Las Vegas.

(some other technical details)

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested. I would need all materials (track, metadata, signed contract) no later than Thursday, July 1st. This is the drop-deadline.

EAR TO THE GROUND: CLEVELAND will go live on Friday, July 9th! Please let me know if you have further questions.

Many thanks!


AND NOW, as Limewire promised,

*****drumroll please*****

I present the official link for EAR TO THE GROUND: CLEVELAND

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