Monday, August 24, 2015


can write now 
in the middle of the night 
I can hum notes to the moon
decide my bedtime
and I can leave the room
without permission.

I can crave human touch
and feel the ache of loneliness alone, 
not tethered.

I can leave the window open
leave the volume at an odd number
and love my past without being scorned.

I can talk to strangers
I can talk to my sisters
I can live without fear of uncontrolled anger.

I can forgive without explanation.
I can grieve, weep, laugh, love, empathize
without justification.

I can remember screaming, crying, jealousy, isolation.
I can remember pleas for solace.
I can remember the day solace was claimed.

I can avoid the righteous,
I can walk with the wanderers.

I can accept what would not change,
I can regret not accepting that sooner.

I can give compassion to whomever is in need.
I can accept compassion whenever I am in need.

I can promise myself to 
take the time to heal
take the time to find the corners of being alone 
take the time to depend solely on my spirit for peace.

I can be the woman I aspire to be
outside the box,
outside doubt, 
outside hate,
outside false accusation,
outside society's expectation.

I can realize most of my life I was afraid of losing those I love.
I can choose to face that fear, 
and eat it daily for breakfast til it's gone.

I can believe that no one belongs to anyone,
and I can believe we all long for each other.

I can work as much as I need
to pay my bills
to fulfill my soul
to never depend on the generosity of anyone who would hold it against me.

I can embrace every form of love
and let each exist on its own
without competition, comparison, or conceit.

Monday, August 10, 2015

ghost dog

tug toward the squirrel
tug toward the stranger
tug toward this scent
that scent
every sniffed scent of danger

i miss the jangle of a chain
your puppy soaked chew
your slobber soaked kisses
how saying 'walk' woo-hoo'd you

the powered up panting
the picking up poo
the pitter pattered of paws
the head titled you

time with you furry friend
is better than days with most
i walk you in my dreams
i walk with your ghost.

i walk with your ghost.