Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So I have freedom. I have fresh perspective. Some might call me "sick," but I sure as hell am not going to live like I'm "sick." I've got things to do!

I'm going to hit the road.

This Sunday I'm taking my freedom, my fresh perspective, my kidney, and my guitar and all of us are cruising out of Cleveland with one goal in mind: To share my music with as many people as I possibly can.

It's kind of a last minute trip, meaning I have no official planned gigs. But I'm definitely taking the time to plan out things I want to do and things I want to see. In regards to music, I'm going to do what I've done for the past five years of being in Cleveland. I'm going to make the most of the open mic scene in New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Nashville. And it works out that three of these cities hold the best open mics in the country.

1. Eddie's Attic, Decatur (been there, loved it, heading back.)

2. Sidewalk Cafe, New York City (notorious "cut-throat" open mic in the East Village.)

3. Bluebird Cafe, Nashville (not as "cut-throat," but it's taken seriously.)

In addition to these three, I will be hitting others. But my goal is to challenge myself by hitting places where those I have admired growing up have played. Having hit the open mic scene in Cleveland for so many years, I look forward to hearing new music from undiscovered folks in other cities. The "undiscovered" are a passionate breed of people. There are definite, clear reasons why some remain undiscovered. Then there are those who catch your breath and make you wonder why trash wins over the radio when there's such hidden goodness that could be tapped into. I hope to experience the latter where I go...it will inspire me no doubt!

The coolest part about this little adventure, to me, is that I'm doing it all alone. I have people to stay with, of course. But I'm driving, navigating, traveling all by my lonesome. It's the first time I've ever done anything this big by myself. I have traveled to NYC and Philly by myself, but they were, at most, week-long trips. I've never gone 3 weeks from home, by myself. Sad, at my age, but true. And I admit, it's kinda intimidating. But at the core of this trip is the desire to find strength and self-awareness, and what better way to do this than embarking on this journey alone. I am challenging myself to be open to the universe. I am eager to engage gas station clerks, diner waitresses, people with pets at rest stops, truckers at truck stops, JUST KIDDING. All in all, I just want to take the new perspective within myself and grow.

Grow. Grow. Grow.

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