Thursday, July 8, 2010


Yesterday started with a dream involving a very vivid, colorful bird. A rainbow bird, if you will. But it wasn't a Toucan Sam. It was much smaller, like a sparrow or a hummingbird. I was standing on a rooftop of a building in NYC, accompanied by my house mates, and suddenly this brightly colored, little bird appears and flies itself all around me. I felt like in was flying in infinity-shaped eights around me. There was no doubt in my mind the creature wanted to be near me. And lo and behold, wasn't there was a little bird cage on top of this roof. And the bird directed itself there, as though it was claiming me as its mother and claiming its new home. I turned to one of my housemates and asked, "is it okay if I bring it home." She replied, "I don't think it's a good idea because the cat will eat it." It made sense, but I was kinda crushed. I went to let the bird out and the colorful feathers began to fall off so rapidly that within moments, it was just a fury little gray bird. And then I woke up. Universe, what does this mean?

In the spirit of dreaming, yesterday continued to be full of it. I spent my morning calculating my miles and gas, and also calculating my fears. Remember, I'm working extremely hard to be aware of all negativity, and one thing I must do when fear invades, is talk to it and move it on out of my system. So fear and I talked. He's a little concerned about how I've been feeling physically the past two weeks. I comforted him by calling my doctor and have an appointment for today, just to do some routine tests and make sure I'm good to go for the next three weeks. Fear also was a little concerned about the 14 hour trip from NYC to Atlanta. So I spent a good amount of time (and still am doing so) researching a good spot along the way to stop next Saturday night. My goal is to arrive in Atlanta feeling fresh (rather than fatigued) next Sunday.

Back to dreaming. Upon exiting the gym yesterday, I got a phone call from Ken at the Beachland. His energy was positive and I immediately felt excited to be connecting with him. (He does the booking at the Beachland.) Here's the conversation (as exact as can be--the feeling of exploding excitement may have slurred the accuracy of how it went down.)

Ken: Hey, Maura. How are you?

Me: Hi! Ken! Great! How 'bout yourself?

Ken: I'm great. I was wondering if you would be interested in opening in the Ballroom for Marc Broussard on July 31st? They would like to have a local opener and we thought you would be a good fit.

Me: July 31st? (Zero to Sixty in Excitement! I couldn't initially remember if I was going to be in town. And I was also trying to figure out who Marc Broussard was, cause the name sounded familiar, but no face or music was coming to mind.) Umm, sure. Yes. I mean, I think I'll be back in town by then. Yes.

Ken: Great. I just think it would be an awesome follow-up show for you after your amazing CD release show.

Me: (gushing, but trying to sound cool and collected) Yeah! That sounds great! (just give me pompoms and a floor for kart-wheels, please.)

Ken: You have a band right?

Me: (screeching brakes) A band? Umm. No. I don't have a band. It's just me and my guitar.

Ken: Oh, really? Why did I think you had a band? I will talk with his rep tomorrow and make sure that's cool. It should be cool. I'll call you back tomorrow to let you know.

Me: (in my head I was like, "Oh, I'll find a band if I need a band." But what I actually said) Okay, cool. Talk to you tomorrow.

I immediately closed my phone and jumped on the internet to find a cute bearded boy with an amazing soulful voice who duets with LeAnn Rimes and Sara Baraeilles.

Marc Broussard. I bow to the Beachland for this offer.

In regards to dreaming, I'll just say that I have dreamed of playing the Ballroom. And it's been a dream I've had for years. After seeing some amazing shows there, (like The Decemberists, Ingrid Michaelson, Land of Talk, The Ditty Bops) I've recognized the space as magical. I just didn't think my shot to play there would be anytime soon.

Dreams, I like when they start coming true!

Last night, the dreams-come-true continued as I found myself having dinner in the home of two of the most amazing women I have come across in my life. No exaggeration. I don't know if I have the words to describe these women, probably because I'm still in awe of having been in their home and in their company. The amazing part of this evening is that they had me over to specifically address my heath issues and come up with alternatives to slow down, if not reverse, the progression of my kidney failure. The love and support I felt for three hours was so intense I actually cried upon falling asleep. I cried because I realized how blessed I am that my journey, with both music and my health, has connected me with such amazing people. Without my disease, I would not be doing this music, and without this music, I would not be meeting such amazing individuals.

Walking into their home and seeing my CD in their CD player, and having one of them joke about how her listening got "f****** interrupted on track 2," made me realize something. People are listening to my music. Like not just coming to my show and buying a CD to support me, but actually listening to me. This is ridiculously touching to me. More importantly, this is a dream come true.

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