Wednesday, January 7, 2015

their eyes

My father stomped and shouted
My mother smoked in silence

My father read newspapers
My mother read women's faces

My father loved a good debate
My mother loved a good novel

My parents had gentle eyes

My mother did the laundry 
My father took us to movies

My mother felt disappointed
My father felt defeated

My mother was tiny
My father was large

My parents had gentle eyes

My father remembered facts
My mother remembered feelings

My father needed her love
My mother needed his strength

My father bought potato chips
My mother bought fresh fruit

My parents had gentle eyes

My mother sought counseling
My father sought Catholicism

My mother asked for a divorce
My father asked for a second chance

My mother never called him anything
My father called her fruitcake

My parents had gentle eyes 

My father blamed
My mother let go

My father set his dreams aside
My mother met her goals

My father held anger 
My mother held forgiveness

My parents had gentle eyes

I am my mother's child
I am my father's child

hope I have their eyes

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