Friday, October 5, 2012

upon you

against the hard wood floor i stretch my body.
my back flat,
parallel with the planks.

my right hand falls
upon my abdomen,
upon you.

for the first time in two months i realize where you sit within me.

the universe rushes under the palm of my hand.
gift, light, truth, pulse
nestled right here.
just beneath this skin.

who am i
to feel, understand

i want to grab your hand,
i want to place it here.

feel what i feel.

do you know what you have done?
do you understand what you have given?

this week i thought i forgot how to be grateful,
irritated at the length of lines, commercials, slow internet connection.
how easy it is to get distracted into distraction.

how will i remember?

touch this.
feel this. 

here you are.

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